Slaves in Iaquaban

Given the already low wages of most workers around Iaquaban’s major cities and the fact that slaves still need a water and food ration, if a smaller one than a free worker doing the same task, the cost of a slave can range from anywhere between nearly free to a hundred or more Tenbits. This usually depends on race, skill, and general fitness. For example; an especially attractive Elf courtesan, or a Mul built like a Kank will fetch high prices even if they lack any special training. A scrawny Human or only half tamed Halfling might be killed as not worth the water before ever reaching auction.

In general a slave’s starting cost is 1 Tenbit (or equivalent) with modifiers for various attributes:

Unlike usual D&D multiplication this works the same as multiplying anything else.


Certain races tend to have more value than others with Muls usually being at the top of the scale owing to their value as gladiators.

Human: x1
Dwarf: x1.5
Elf: x1.25
Half-elf: x1
Gnome: 1x
Halfling: 0.75x
Mul: x5
Half-Giant: x2


First determine which attributes are needed for a job. As an example a gladiator will need good physical attributes and a healthy dose of charisma to be worth anything, while a liter bearer will need only strength and constitution for his task.

Key Attributes:
6 and under: 0.25x
6-7: 0.5x
8-9: 0.75x
10-11: 1x
12-13: 2x
14-15: 3x
16-17: 5x
18-19: 8x
19-20: 15x
21 or greater: At least 25x

Secondary Attributes:
6 and under: 1x
6-7: 1x
8-9: 1x
10-11: 1x
12-13: 1.25x
14-15: 2x
16-17: 3x
18-19: 5x
19-20: 8x
21 or greater: At least 12x


A slaves skill can be determined in a few ways. The most common of which are BAB and ranks in useful skills. Especially useful feats must also be factored in.

BAB for a fighting slave:
+1 = 1x
+2 = 2x
+3 = 4x
+4 = 6x
+5 = 8x

BAB for all other slaves:
+1 = 1x
+2 = 0.8x

Slaves with fighting skill beyond this point that aren’t meant to fight are rare as most with such talent end up in the fighting pits regardless of other skills.

4 and under: 1x
5: 1.25x
6: 1.5x
7: 2x
8: 3x
9: 5x
10: 7x
11 or greater: At least 10x

x1.25 for each feat related to a slave’s role.

Example Slaves:

Dwarven Cart Puller: 5 Tenbits 8 Bits
Str: 14 – Dex: 10 – Con: 14 – Int: 8 – Wis: 8 – Cha: 6
BAB: +1
Skill: Perception 4 ranks
Feats: Endurance

Mul Gladiator Champion: 42 Kalaks 1 Talent 8 Tenbits 8 Bits
Str: 16 – Dex: 12 – Con: 14 – Int: 8 – Wis: 8 – Cha: 12
BAB: +3
Skill: Athletics 6, Preform (Combat) 6
Feats: Weapon Focus, Dodge

Slaves in Iaquaban

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