Additional/Alternative rules

Starting money is in SP not GP

Standard units of copper, silver, gold and platinum do not exist. Due to the rarity of metals each city-state mints it’s own ceramic coins. Depending on the city of your origin the coins and their equivalents are as follows:

  • City State——Copper Piece——-Silver Piece——Gold Piece——-Platinum Piece
  • Balic——————-Chip—————-Penny—————-Agora—————-Dictator
  • Draj———————Star—————-Crescent———-Full Moon————-Tectuk
  • Gulg———————Talon—————-Claw—————-Judaga——————Oba
  • Nibenay————-Tenpiece————-Piece—————-Mark——————-Crown
  • Raam———————Slave—————Common————-Vizier—————-Abalach
  • Tyr———————-Bit——————Tenbit————-Talent——————Kalak
  • Urik———————Arrow—————-Quiver—————Blade——————-Lion

Weapons are seldom made out of steel. Most Steel weapons or armour are ancient relics. Due to the breakable nature of weapons or armour made from wood, bone or stone I have built a set of rules. They are open to reasonable debate.

Anytime a weapon deals damage above it’s randomized maximum (ie. a Medium Longsword made of stone deals 9 damage due to it’s wielder having a strength of 12) the wielder must make a BAB+DEX Mod+d20 check against DC15 to see if they manage to absorb or deflect the impact. If they fail the damage they have done is applied against the weapon as well as the weapon’s target. Hardness and HP is applied as normal. Should the weapons HP reach 0 it breaks.

Anytime a Critical is rolled it also counts as an automatic sunder attempt against the opponents armour.

Steel Weapons deal an automatic sunder against armour anytime they do more than maximum random damamge.

Steel armour forces a sunder check against any non-steel or MWK weapons it blocks.

I’m also going to steal a leaf from another GM’s book. Any player input that is used in the campaign will be worth 100-500 exp to a maximum of 1 level gain per session. You guys are welcome to draw city maps, fort or dungeon maps, create a Tavern and it’s proprietor, anything you want. Anytime you put in extra effort that benefits the group there will be a chance to earn bonus exp or other in-game advantages. Anyone with a backstory for their char starts the game with some bonus exp! There is up to 400exp available for a well fleshed out backstory complete with a few usable NPC’s and plot hooks and a portrait.

Defiling Magic works as normal

Preserving magic is at -1ECL for levels 1-10, then +0 for 11-15, then +1 for 16-20. The only way to earn the final bonus is to follow the path of preservation right from level one. If you are a high level defiler you must start a new class at level1.

Initial proposal for piecemeal armour from Mike:
30% total cost for chestpiece
25% Upper Legs
15% Helmet
10% Gloves
10% Boots

Additional/Alternative rules

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